How Do You Make a Dovecote?

Build a dovecote by finding or designing a plan, buying materials for it and then putting everything together. The simplest dovecotes are nothing more than large birdhouses or boxes with multiple holes cut into them. However, dovecotes should ideally have multiple compartments in order to allow for breeding and privacy for the doves.

  1. Find or design a plan for a dovecote

    There are dozens of free plans for dovecotes on the Internet. It is also possible to design your own dovecote. To do this, plan out the size, the number of the compartments, the shape of the roof and any trim in order to calculate the materials and pieces.

  2. Buy materials

    Prepare your wood, cutting tools, screws, nails or glue, and paint. A dovecote plan will usually include a list of materials, but if using a DIY option, plan for the various cuts, the height and length of the dovecote and the interior. Double check to make sure that any paint is not toxic to doves.

  3. Cut the pieces for the dovecote

    Use a measuring tape to measure out the parts of the dovecote and then cut all the parts. Label the parts with a pencil to make the final construction easier.

  4. Build the dovecote

    Use small nails, screws or glue to assemble the parts of the dovecote. Give the dovecote time to dry, and then apply paint or polyurethane as desired.