How Do You Make a Dog Stop Barking?

How Do You Make a Dog Stop Barking?

Keep your dog from barking by removing barking stimuli, teaching him to follow commands, and redirecting his behavior. Ensuring the dog is well-stimulated is also important.

  1. Take away barking triggers

    If your dog barks at specific triggers, keep them to a minimum. For instance, close the curtains if your pet barks at people as they pass.

  2. Ignore your dog

    Don't reward your dog for barking with attention. Even negative attention encourages barking.

  3. Redirect your pet

    When barking begins, command your dog to do something else. Choose something that distracts him from barking, such as eating a treat. Offer praise when he remains quiet.

  4. Teach your dog to understand "quiet"

    Train your pet to understand the word "quiet." Do this by teaching him to speak on command using treats and praise. Once he can bark on command, teach him to stop barking.

  5. Keep your dog stimulated

    Dogs may bark out of boredom. Take your pet for walks each day, and spend some time playing. Dogs who exert enough energy in healthy ways are less likely to bark.

  6. Avoid anti-barking products

    Don't use collars and other devices that reprimand dogs for barking through physical pain or discomfort. This only frustrates your dog.