How Do You Make a Dachshund Wheelchair?


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Creating a homemade wheelchair for your disabled pet can really improve its quality of life and make movement easier. You need a measuring tape, PVC pipe, ratchet cutter, PVC pipe threaded wheels, PVC elbow and T joints, a sewing kit, and some mesh fabric for the sling.

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How Do You Make a Dachshund Wheelchair?
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  1. Measure your pet and cut the PVC pipe

    First, measure the length of your pet's legs to ensure that it can still move around once its in the sling. Using the ratchet cutter, cut the PVC pipe so that it's the right length, but be sure to leave room for adjustment once you add the T and elbow joints, as these can make your PVC pipes longer than you need. Cut two long pieces for the sides, and six shorter pieces for the legs and front/back support. It's best to cut off a little more with each assembly to find the perfect fit for your pet.

  2. Assemble and attach the wheels

    Assemble the PVC pipe so that you have two pipes parallel to your pet, then four smaller pieces attached by elbow joints on each end to create the legs of the wheelchair. You should have six short pieces left over; use these between the two front legs and the two back legs to create a support for the sides. Attach the wheels by screwing the threads through the PVC pipe.

  3. Attach the mesh fabric for the sling

    Using the sewing kit, cut the mesh fabric so that it is shaped like a plus sign, with the horizontal line being thicker than the vertical line. The horizontal lines support your pet's belly and attach to the sides of the cart. Sew the mesh around the PVC pipe to secure it, then attach the thinner vertical lines to the support in the front and the back. You can adjust the height of the mesh sling by wrapping more of the mesh around the PVC pipe so your pet's feet aren't dragging the ground.

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