How Do You Make Cool Hamster Cages?

How Do You Make Cool Hamster Cages?

To make a cool hamster cage, you'll first need to get a clear plastic storage bin with a lid. Simply heat a metal appliance over the stove, burn a hole for the plastic water feeder, and attach it to the outside of the bin. Finally, add mesh to your lid to ensure your hamster gets plenty of air.

  1. Gather your materials

    To build a hamster cage, you'll need a clear plastic storage bin with a lid, a metal tool such as a screwdriver, tape, wire cutters, a hot glue gun and metal mesh.

  2. Make a hole for the feeder

    Heat your metal tool such as the tip of your screwdriver over the hot stove, and use it to create a hole in the plastic bin where the tip of the water feeder will go. You can also add additional holes around the top of the bin for extra air.

  3. Attach the water feeder

    Attach your water feeder to the outside of the plastic bin while allowing the tip of the feeder to proceed into the hole you've created. You can do this by using some simple tape.

  4. Cut hole in lid and add mesh

    Get creative by adding mesh to the cage's lid. Cut one or two large holes in the lid, and use your wire cutters to make mesh pieces that fit. Use a hot glue gun to attach the wire mesh to the lid, and finish the cage by adding bedding, a hamster wheel and a food dish.