How Do You Make a Chameleon Cage?


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When making a chameleon cage, consider the comfort, temperature requirements and natural habitat of the chameleon, as well as the space, size, placement and materials of the cage. The reptile's natural habitat should be duplicated as closely as possible in the animal's cage, and should be a minimum of 2 feet square and 2 feet tall in order to accommodate an adult chameleon. A mister, heat source and shade source should also be included.

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In order to build a chameleon cage:

  1. Gather the required materials
  2. Hardware cloth, zip ties, silicone caulking and caulking gun, two 17-inch plastic plant water saucers, plants, sticks and bungee cords are required to build the cage. The diameter of the cage will depend on the diameter of the plastic water saucers that will cap the top and bottom of the tube cage. Cut the hardware cloth 3 inches longer than the diameter of the saucers.

  3. Build the cage
  4. Roll the hardware cloth into a tube that fits inside the plastic saucer. Secure the top and bottom of the cage with the zip ties. Continue closing the hardware cloth gaps with the ties. Place the hardware cloth inside the plastic saucer and seal with a liberal amount of silicone caulking, covering all sharp edges. Add a non-toxic plant and perches for the chameleon inside the cage. Place the second plastic saucer on the top of the cage and secure with a bungee cord.

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