How Do You Make a Cat House?

How Do You Make a Cat House?

Create a cat house with cardboard boxes, sheets of papers with attractive prints, colored spray paint, sticky tape and glue. This cozy cat house is the perfect place for your cat to play or nap and can be built in just a few hours.

  1. Cut the cardboard box

    Cut out the longest sides of a cardboard box. This is the roof of the cat house.

  2. Use spray paint

    Spray paint the sides you cut out, on one side, a color of your preference.

  3. Paint the interior

    Now spray paint the insides of the cardboard box. Use the same color as the roof, or a contrasting one.

  4. Create the door

    Cut and discard the upper panels of the box. Make an entry to the cat house. This is the door of the house. The door can be square, oblong or oval. Keep the width of your cat in mind as you create the door.

  5. Fashion the window

    Cut out a round or square shape on the side panel. This is the window of the house.

  6. Stick the roof

    Use sticky tape to stick the roof panels together. Then use the tape to stick the roof to the cat house.

  7. Stick the shingles

    Create the shingles for the roof from the colored paper. Now stick the shingles in neat rows on the roof.

  8. Add a chimney

    Make a miniature chimney for the house. Stick it to the roof.