How Do You Make a Canine Eye Patch?


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To make a canine eye patch, cut and trim a 1.5-inch square black felt, and check its fit by placing the patch on your dog's eye. Make the edges round by cutting small curves. Use scissors to make two vertical slits in the middle and at the top of the patch. Insert an 18-inch stretchy cord into the slits, and position the patch to the center of the cord.

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The vertical slits should be 1/4-inch long and 1/2 inch away from the patch's left and right ends. When inserting the cord, begin from the back side, insert it through the first slit, and continue to the second slit, allowing the cord to come out from the back of the patch.

Position the patch comfortably over the eye that needs covering, and tie it properly at the back of your dog's head to secure the patch. Make sure it fits tightly enough without restricting blood flow. Alternatively, secure the patch by sewing the edges of the cord with a needle and black thread.

Consult a veterinarian before using a homemade patch to ensure your dog's safety. A veterinarian may recommend a particular dog eye patch or prescribe certain medications based on your dog's condition. An eye patch typically provides protection for a dog with an eye problem such as an infection, injury, irritation or pink eye.

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