How Do You Make Bobcat Traps?

How Do You Make Bobcat Traps?

How Do You Make Bobcat Traps?

Making a bobcat trap is quick and easy, requiring only a few basic supplies. Supplies needed are nylon bailing wire, a tuft of fur or turkey feathers and deer urine to attract the bobcat to the trap. Choose a tree in the area, and attach the custom-built trap when assembly is complete.

  1. Tie bailing wire from a low tree branch

    Tie nylon bailing wire to a lower level tree branch. The end should be 3 feet from the ground. Do not use metal bailing wire unless you have considerable experience assembling bobcat traps.

  2. Wrap feathers or a tuft of fur to the string

    Tie a knot around two feathers or a patch of fur at the bottom of the string. Douse the item with deer urine to attract the predator. Do not use glue, as the smell will detract from the allure.

  3. Place a steal trap under a tree branch

    Strategically place a steal leg trap designed for a bobcat directly under the end of the string. Cover the trap with multiple dried, bushy, careless weeds to camouflage the trap. Place the trap near a source of water that is a well traveled path for the cats and their prey.