How Do You Make Bird Seed Blocks?

Create birdseed blocks by spraying a mold with cooking spray, adding a wire for hanging, melting suet, adding peanut butter and mixing in seeds, mealworms and berries. Place the molds in a cool place to harden and hang the blocks from trees to attract birds.

  1. Spray the mold with cooking spray

    For easier release, spray the pans you are using for a mold with cooking spray. Shape a piece of wire in a rectangle and set it in the pan. Repeat for each mold. The wire keeps the block together so if the birds eat through one section, the others do not fall to the ground.

  2. Melt the suet

    Melt the blocks of suet in a large stockpot over low heat. Do not allow the suet to boil.

  3. Add peanut butter

    Once you melt the suet, add the peanut butter to the mix and stir to combine it.

  4. Add the seeds, mealworms and berries

    Remove the stockpot from the heat and mix in the birdseed, mealworms and berries. Pour the mixture into the prepared molds.

  5. Cool the blocks

    Place the molds in a cool place to harden. Once they are hard, tap the pans to remove the blocks. Hang the blocks from tree limbs to attract birds.