What Are Some Major Goat Farms in Florida?


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Major goat farms in Florida include Serenity Acres Farm and Goat Dairy, Golden Acres Ranch, and Windmill Acres Farm and Goat Dairy. While both Serenity Acres Farm and Goat Dairy and Windmill Acres Farm produce primarily dairy products, Golden Acres Ranch focuses on raising goats as livestock.

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Dairy products from Serenity Acres Farm and Goat Dairy include goat cheeses, goat milk and goat milk yogurt. Varieties of cheese include fromage blanc, feta and chevre. All cheeses are lightly salted, and some are flavored with shallot, garlic, chives, basil and sundried tomato. In addition to dairy products, this farm also produces goat milk soap. This farm does not use pasteurization and is Animal Welfare-approved.

In addition to goats, Golden Acres Ranch raises sheep as livestock. The farm’s country store sells goat and lamb, frozen for shipment within the contiguous United States. In addition to food items, livestock are available for sale, including the farm’s Tennessee fainting goats and mini-myotonic goats, in addition to katahdin sheep.

Located near Ocala, Windmill Acres Farm is a goat dairy farm that makes milk and other dairy products. The farm is led by master goat producer Alan Hart, who was a recipient of the 2011 Florida Innovative Farmer Award.

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