What Are Major Complaints Consumers Made About DinoVite?


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Major customer complaints about the DinoVite nutritional supplement for pets are that the product is expensive and that pets refuse to eat it due to its foul taste and odor. Despite these points, online reviews for DinoVite are largely positive, as of 2015.

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DinoVite is a nutritional supplement intended for all breeds of cats and dogs. The supplement claims to reduce or cure problems caused by nutritional deficiency, such as excessive shedding, itchy skin, sores and persistent bad odor.

Customer reviews on CanIGiveMyDog.com, Yelp.com and DogVitaminReviews.com state that it is frequently difficult to get a pet to ingest the supplement. DinoVite is sold as a powder that is added to dog food. Some reviews note that even after mixing the powder with foods such as hot dogs or eggs, many pets still refused to eat it. Reviews on the same sites also indicate that the product is more expensive than similar products on the market. The review on CanIGiveMyDog.com offers several cheaper alternatives that may be similarly effective.

Many customers seem to agree that the product is effective in solving existing nutrition-related health problems, provided the pet ingests it regularly. DinoVite also produces all-natural dog shampoo and supplemental treats for dogs and cats.

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