What Are the Main Symptoms a Cat With an Eye Infection Exhibits?


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Main symptoms of eye infections in cats include reddening of the white parts of the affected eye, ocular secretion that prompts cats to wink or rub their eyes, and protrusion of the third eyelid that covers a portion of the affected eye, reports Petfinder. Cats with infected eyes may also exhibit nasal secretion or sneezing.

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Occurring in one or both eyes, cat eye infections result from infectious agents, such as bacteria and viruses, and pass from one cat to another upon close contact, explains Petfinder. Young cats that have weak immune systems and live in stressful areas are vulnerable to chlamydia, mycoplasma and feline herpesvirus type 1. Older cats in low-stress environments usually suffer eye infections due to eye trauma, autoimmune diseases, cancer or systemic viral infections.

Most cats with eye infections exhibit only one symptom during the onset of the infections, notes Petfinder. Pet owners should bring their cats to veterinarians for clear diagnoses. Veterinarians perform a physical examination that involves examining the cat's eye structures, checking for signs of trauma and searching for signs of upper respiratory infections. They also use diagnostic tests, such as obtaining samples from the affected areas to determine the presence of infectious agents.

Veterinarians generally prescribe topical antibiotics to treat bacterial infections, states Petfinder. They sometimes recommend antiviral medications to treat serious infections.

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