What Are Some Magical-Sounding Names for Cats?

Some magical-sounding names for cats include Salem, Merlin, Frodo, Minerva and Hocus Pocus. Other popular magical-sounding names for cats include Spook, Gink, Cobweb, Wiccan and Voodoo.

The magical-sounding cat name of Merlin comes from the literary character Merlin of the Arthurian legend. Merlin is known for his long beard and robes. He is Arthur's magician, guide and prophet who advises him on matters involving magic. Geoffrey of Monmouth created Merlin by combining other magician figures, and the character of Merlin is referenced in many works of American literature.

The magical cat name Salem comes from the Salem Witch Trials, which occurred in Salem, Massachusetts between 1692 and 1693. Over 200 people, mostly women, were accused of being witches, and mass hysteria and paranoia led to the execution of 20 of them. Many Christians believed that Satan was behind the proliferation of witches in Salem and was giving these women harmful powers in exchange for their loyalty. All but one of the alleged witches died by hanging.

Gink is a magical-sounding cat name used in the "Dorrie the Little Witch" series of books by Patricia Coombs. "Dorrie the Little Witch" books follow Dorrie, a small witch girl who wears a crooked hat and mismatched stockings. Gink is Dorrie's black cat who follows her on adventures wherever she goes.