What Are Macaw Breeders?


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Macaw breeders raise parrot chicks as a part of the pet trade. Breeders range from hobby breeders to those who own large macaw breeding farms.

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Macaws are bred in small numbers or in hundreds.These parrots are provided to zoos, parks, pet owners and are also exported to other countries. Breeders orient the chicks to different experiences, travelling, interacting with children and harness-training before placing them in a new home.The chicks learn to crack nuts, are socialized and can fly before they are placed at a pet store.

A hybrid variety of the macaw has been created by breeders by interbreeding different parrots. This interbreeding makes the parrots more colorful than the ones found in the wild. Hybrid macaws include the harlequin macaw and the Catalina macaw.

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