What Are Some Lynx Cat Facts?


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The lynx cat has black tufts of hair on its ears that help its hearing, and its eyesight is so acute that it can spot a small rodent more than 200 feet away. Its fantastic hearing and eyesight make it a stealthy hunter, and it hunts primarily at night.

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The Canada lynx is a carnivore that feeds on many rodents and birds, but its primary food source is the snowshoe hare. The population of the snowshoe hare plunges every 10 years. The Canada lynx is so dependent on this prey that its population declines simultaneously. The Eurasian lynx is bigger than its North American cousin and hunts deer.

The lynx inhabits boreal forests that have cold, wet winters. Occasionally, the animal is seen in the United States. It has been found in Utah, Oregon, Wyoming, New Hampshire, Vermont, New York, Michigan and Wisconsin.

The lynx closely resembles the bobcat, but it has longer ear tufts, and its tail coloring is different. Other physical characteristics of the lynx include a flared facial ruff and a bobbed tail. It boasts large paws that are especially useful in traversing the snow of its habitat. It grows between 32 and 40 inches long and weighs up to 44 pounds.

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