What Are Low Maintenance Pets?


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Low maintenance pets are those that have simple care requirements. Such pets are often suitable for children or people who live in apartment complexes. Examples of low maintenance pets include hermit crabs, betta fish and ants.

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Hermit crabs are terrestrial crustaceans that live all over the world. Most species available at pet stores are Central American but there are a variety of hermit crab species. Hermit crabs don't produce their own shells, they take over shells they find on the beach. As they grow, they must jettison their current shell and find another that is large enough to accommodate their size, which means that pet hermit crab cages must contain several different shells of various sizes. Aside from extra shells, the only needs of hermit crabs are fresh water, food and items that permit climbing. Additionally, as they are social crabs, hermit crabs should always be kept in small groups, rather than alone.

Betta fish require much less care than other popular fish because they can survive in relatively small aquariums. Additionally, bettas don't require filters or water heaters if the water is changed regularly. Aside from regular water changes, the only other care bettas require is food.

Ants make for very low-maintenance pets if placed in an ant farm. They require regular food, but otherwise the colony takes care of itself.

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