What Is the Best Low-Fat Dog Food?

low-fat-dog-food Credit: Purestock/Getty Images

Dog Food Advisor lists some of the higher-quality, low-fat dog foods. Of the seven highest-quality dry foods listed, Annamaet Grain Free Lean had the lowest fat content at 9 percent.

Of the five highest-quality canned foods listed, Fromm Shredded Chicken had the lowest fat content at 7 percent. Of the three highest-quality raw dog foods listed, Honest Kitchen's Zeal and OC's Goat both had the lowest fat content at 9 percent. Low-fat dog foods can be beneficial for dogs with pancreatitis, obesity or other specific health conditions. However, many low-fat dog foods are also low in protein and very high in carbohydrates. The low-fat foods selected by Dog Food Advisor are all high in protein content.