How Do You Find a Lost Dog?


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Find a lost dog by first carefully searching your home, and then call animal shelters and animal control agencies. Create a flyer for the lost pet, and canvass the neighborhood. Send out emails, and use social media.

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  1. Search your home

    Search your home carefully as soon as you discover your pet is missing. Check in dark places, under beds, behind bulky furniture, in closets and in small spaces. Ensure that the dog is not sleeping or hiding somewhere.

  2. Get on the phone

    Call animal control agencies and animal shelters in your area. Visit the locations in person with photos of your dog if it is not found within the first 24 hours.

  3. Create flyers

    Create “lost dog” flyers with a good picture of your dog. Include the dog’s age, breed, weight, color and distinguishing features. Provide your name and contact information.

  4. Cover the neighborhood

    Post the flyers around your neighborhood. Cover trees and lampposts near where you think your dog was lost. Post the flyers at veterinary offices, dog parks, pet supply stores and pet-grooming shops.

  5. Send out emails

    Send emails to local family members, friends and colleagues; include a good description of your dog. Create a digital card similar to your flyer, and share it on your social media accounts.

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