How Do You Find a Lost Cat?


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To find a lost cat, file a lost pet report, check local shelters, and ask neighbors if they have seen your pet. You should also advertise on bulletin boards and online.

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  1. Check local shelters

    Call local animal shelters and animal control agencies within 60 miles of your home.Visit those closest to you once daily if possible. Some veterinarians also house lost pets. Give these agencies your information so they can contact you if your cat shows up.

  2. Ask neighbors for help

    Walk around your neighborhood and call to your pet. Ask neighbors if they have seen your pet, and ask them to keep watch.

  3. Advertise around town

    Post flyers in prominent locations around town. These should include information about your pet's appearance and your contact information. Do not post your address.

  4. Use online resources

    There are sites available to help reconnect lost pets with their owners. You may also post ads using online classifieds sites.

  5. Screen any contacts

    If someone calls claiming to have found your pet, ask them for identifying information not listed in your ads. Do not send money to anyone for the return of your pet.

  6. Keep looking

    Don't give up your search. Pets have returned to their owners after months missing.

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