How Do You Look After Jack Russel Puppies?


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Jack Russell terrier puppies require copious amounts of attention, discipline and exercise. A Jack Russell terrier puppy tries to assert themselves as the alpha, or head, of a home, which cannot be allowed. As long as the owner remains in charge, a Jack Russell terrier puppy will become a devoted, loving and obedient pet.

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How Do You Look After Jack Russel Puppies?
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What a puppy learns between 8 and 12 weeks of age shapes its life. It is important to introduce the puppy to a variety of people and places during this time frame. The puppy should never be allowed to nip or growl at anyone. If this occurs, discipline immediately. An angry "no" is usually sufficient. If the puppy shakes or cowers after being disciplined, the discipline was too harsh. A puppy cannot be punished for past actions, because it will not connect the punishment to its action.

Jack Russell terrier puppies love to play games as a way to burn off excess energy. It is essential to provide opportunities for play several times a day. The puppy should be walked before being left alone, again when the owner returns, and every morning and evening. It's best for owners to refrain from giving the puppy free range of the home until it is approximately 6 months old and well potty trained.

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