How Long Do Yorkshire Terriers Live?

long-yorkshire-terriers-live Credit: Clarissa Leahy/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Yorkshire Terriers live 12 to 15 years. Terriers that weigh 3 pounds or less are called Teacup Yorkshire Terriers. Their life expectancy is shorter because they experience health issues more frequently.

Yorkshire Terriers are highly energetic, intelligent and very playful dogs. The breed is shy toward other dogs and pets, but friendly toward strangers. The terrier makes a good pet for families with older children. The dog's long coat requires regular grooming, but it can also be cut short. The breed sheds little to no hair.

The most common health issues in Yorkshire Terriers are joint problems, eye infections, bronchitis and early tooth decay. Teacup Yorkshire Terriers also have a poorer tolerance of anesthetics.