How long do tarantulas live?


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Male tarantula spiders can live upwards of seven years, while females can live up to 30. Their longevity is aided by the fact they molt, or shed, their exoskeletons to enable them to grow and repair their bodies.

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When a tarantula molts, it is able to replace internal organs such as its stomach lining. They are even able to replace lost limbs during this process. Over the years, they have become very popular pets, and while their bite does hurt, their venom is less dangerous than the venom of a honeybee. Most are burrowers and feed primarily on insects that wander by their burrows, although some of the larger types of tarantulas feed on small lizards.

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    Do tarantulas bite?

    A: Tarantulas can and do bite people. However, they only bite when they feel threatened, and only as a last resort. Most tarantulas in the Americas have barbe... Full Answer >
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    Are tarantulas dangerous?

    A: Tarantulas are not dangerous to humans. Tarantulas have an unpleasant bite, but their venom is not deadly. The average bee's venom is more potent than that... Full Answer >
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    What eats tarantulas?

    A: The tarantula hawk wasp is the biggest natural enemy of the tarantula. Many animals and insects, including larger mammals, reptiles, birds and fly maggots,... Full Answer >
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    Do tarantulas spin webs?

    A: Tarantulas spin webs, but they don't use them to trap their prey like many other spiders do. Instead, they live in them and use them for mating and molting... Full Answer >
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