How Long Do Leopard Geckos Live?


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In captivity, leopard geckos can live more than 20 years with adequate care, but this figure is usually much lower for geckos that live in the wild due to disease and predation. Leopard geckos are popular reptilian pets due to their striking appearance, hardiness, docility and overall ease of care.

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The leopard gecko is named for its yellow coloration and black spots, which resemble those of a leopard. Adult males can grow to 11 inches in length, while females reach around 8 inches. The leopard gecko is primarily active during twilight hours and is found in parts of Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and Iran. Its diet includes common insects such as crickets, roaches and meal worms. In captivity, pinky mice are acceptable to feed to the leopard gecko, although it prefers live prey.

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