How Long Does a Guinea Pig Live?

long-guinea-pig-live Credit: Michael James/CC-BY-2.0

On average, guinea pigs live five to seven years, but they can live as long as 14 years. Some breeds tend to live longer than others, and males tend to live longer than females.

Diet has an impact on the longevity of guinea pigs. Feeding them Timothy hay or orchard grass along with fruits that contain vitamin C is recommended.

Proper medical care is essential in extending the lives of guinea pigs. They are prone to conditions called tongue entrapment, in which the teeth grow too large, and bumblefoot, which involves foot ulcers. Prompt treatment of these conditions increases the likelihood the guinea pig lives a normal lifespan.

As guinea pigs age, they begin to sleep more while eating, drinking and exercising less. Arthritis, stroke, heart attack, cataracts and tumors may develop.