How Long Does a Baby Red Panda Stay With It's Mother?

long-baby-red-panda-stay-s-mother Credit: Buena Vista Images/The Image Bank/Getty Images

While red pandas are weaned from nursing and begin eating solid food after 5 or 6 months of life, it will typically stay with its mother for a period of about 8 months, though red panda cubs usually stay close to their mothers until a new litter arrives. Female red pandas have a gestation period that averages out to about 135 days, but can actually last anywhere from about 112 to 158 days. Red pandas will reach adult size from its newborn size in about a year, and sexual maturity typically follows about 6 months later.

The fact that red pandas grow relatively slowly is perhaps surprising given how much this animal eats. These animals mostly eat bamboo, but their diets can be supplemented with foraged objects such as insects and fruit. More than half of a wild red panda's day can be spent searching out and eating bamboo.

Red pandas average about two cubs per litter, though anything from one to four cubs is not unusual. During the first few days of a red panda cub's life, its mother will be at its side up to 90 percent of the time. Cubs can gain up to 20 grams a day during this neonate period.