How Do You Locate Reputable Rooster Sellers?


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Contact your local feed and farm supply store, or network within your farm community, to locate reputable rooster sellers in your area. You can also order groups of day-old cockerels online through specialized websites, such as eFowl.com, although availability varies by breed and season.

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How Do You Locate Reputable Rooster Sellers?
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If possible, visit your local store in person and get to know the staff before you ask for referrals. You may need their support and expertise to ensure you have all the correct supplies for your new roosters. Purina, an animal feed producer, maintains a broad list of feed stores on its site at PurinaMills.com. Tractor Supply Co., a national chain of farm supply stores with hundreds of locations throughout the United States, has a store-locator online at TractorSupply.com.

If you intend to purchase fully-grown roosters, decide which breeds you are interested in. When you contact the seller, do your due diligence to ensure you are purchasing healthy, well-cared for birds. Ask questions about the seller's operation, the breeds available, their feed, living conditions and the age of the roosters for sale.

If you prefer to raise your own roosters, you can order groups of day-old cockerels through online poultry dealers or your local store. Be prepared with the necessary heat lamps, feed and a secure coop before ordering your chicks. Many farm supply stores also sell individual chicks during the spring months. However, make sure an expert helps you select your male chick.

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