How Do You Find a Local Poodle Breeder?

How Do You Find a Local Poodle Breeder?

You can find a good local poodle breeder by contacting your state or regional poodle breed club, which should have a breeder directory available. You can also sort through the American Kennel Club's breeder directory.

Starting with your local poodle club is generally best, because it can advise you about good breeders. Anyone can be registered with the American Kennel Club as long as the puppies are purebred, including puppy mills or other unethical breeders. It is important to find a good, reputable breeder to ensure that your puppy has good health and a solid temperament.

You can also try asking trustworthy and knowledgeable professionals for advice. Try asking your veterinarian, trainer or groomer if they know any good local poodle breeders. However, still do your due diligence, as they may not have the full picture.

Once you have located the names of local breeders, you need to inspect them to make sure they take good care of their dogs. Ask to visit their properties. Good breeders should be happy to have you visit and should be able to introduce you to at least one parent. The breeder should also willingly provide you with proof of testing for genetic diseases. Poodles are prone to retinal atrophy, as well as issues with their hips and patellas. Breeding animals should be tested with reputable agencies, such as the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.

The breeder should also not be focused on selling puppies purely for profit and should interview you to make sure you are prepared for a poodle puppy.