How Do You Find Local Honey Bee Farms?


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Begin by visiting your local farmer's market to see if there is a local honey seller there. Make sure the seller is actually local, however, since some people buy wholesale from the actual beekeepers and then resell it at the farmer's market.

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If your farmer's market does not have a honey seller, try contacting your local beekeeper's association. These groups usually promote local keepers and can help you find a good local honey bee farm. The National Honey Board also has a search tool that allows you to search for honey farms in your state.

While it is not honey-specific, LocalHarvest is another good way to search for apiaries in your area. It is a directory of both family farms and farmer's markets. The search tool is simple and allows you to search by farm name or product, as well as city or ZIP code. If you sign up for the newsletter, it can notify you about local farm events in your area.

Once you have found a local beekeeper, ask where the hives are located if getting local honey is important to you. Some beekeepers keep hives in a wide area. If you are concerned about having completely organic honey, also ask the beekeepers about what kind of disease and parasite treatments they use and what base they provide for their hives.

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