How Do You Find a Local Bird Shelter?


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Pet adoption advertisement sites, such as Adoptapet.com and Petfinder.com, provide links to bird shelters and avian rescue organizations. Local rescue centers may also have birds available for adoption.

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How Do You Find a Local Bird Shelter?
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Adopt a Pet provides a list of bird shelters and rescue organizations. To access the list of local bird shelters on Adoptapet.com, visit the home page and click the Shelters/Rescue tab on the pet search tool. Enter the required information, such as a ZIP code or a city and state location. Under Shelters With, click Birds on the drop-down menu and hit Search to view all the bird shelters and avian rescue groups within the specified area.

Pet Finder also has the same search tool that allows online users to look for bird shelters. On the Pet Finder home page, enter the needed information into the search tool and click Find Pets. You can also look for shelters and rescue groups by clicking Shelters & Rescues on the top menu. Locate the Find Pet-Adoption Groups on the right sidebar and provide the city and state or ZIP code and the group name. You can also see the list of rescue groups and shelters by state by clicking Lists by State under the search tool.

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