How Do You Find a Local Beekeeper?


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Find local beekeepers through contact details on Bee Culture's website, the magazine of American beekeeping. Beekeepers are listed by state and Canadian province.

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How Do You Find a Local Beekeeper?
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Beekeepers' contact details are available by state on the Friends of Honey Bees website as well. This page suggests getting in contact with a local beekeepers organization through listed websites, email addresses or phone numbers. These groups were originally organized through county extension offices but now operate locally in their own format; most have a fixed monthly meeting. Newcomers are welcome to attend whether they own bees or not. This is a good way to contact a beekeeper for people interested in learning more or finding a mentor.

For people who are interested in having a bee swarm removed, it is first necessary to identify whether the species is in fact a honeybee, according to the Southeastern Indiana Beekeepers' Association. Beekeepers are not equipped to remove or exterminate other varieties of insect such as hornets, common Eastern bumblebees or German yellowjackets. For instance, honeybee swarms do not live in holes in the ground or in nests made of paper or mud. If it is definitely a honeybee swarm, a beekeeper will be able to remove them, and most likely free of charge. The Southeastern Indiana Beekeepers' Association has a map of beekeepers in Southeastern Indiana for contact purposes.

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