What Are Some Facts About Lobsters?


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Lobsters are made up of a family of marine crustaceans. They have hard exoskeletons to protect their body, which they must shed and regrow as they mature and get bigger.

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What Are Some Facts About Lobsters?
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Lobsters belong to a family classification called Nephropidae. Similar to spiders and snails, lobsters have blue blood due to the presence of a chemical called hemocyanin. They tend to be large in size, and vary in color depending on location for camouflage. Lobsters make their homes in crevices on the ocean floor, or in coral reefs and any place they can hide out from predators and easily find prey. Lobsters are omnivores and typically eat anything from fish and grubs to some plant life. They are found in all oceans around the world. These marine animals have been estimated to have lifespans of up to 70 years.

Lobsters have five pairs of legs, three of which have claws to catch prey and defend from any threats. They also possess muscular tails for assistance in moving around under water. Lobster is considered rich food, including the claws. Many countries enjoy steamed or boiled lobster, often cooking the animals alive. Some countries have banned this method of cooking, considering it as being inhumane.

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