Is Livestock the Only Thing Sold at a Livestock Sale Barn?

livestock-only-thing-sold-livestock-sale-barn Credit: Fairfax Media/Fairfax Media/Getty Images

Most livestock sale barns only sell livestock, although some also sell food or drinks to the people there for the sale. The type of livestock sold depends on the barn, local markets and time of year.

Sale barns are generally set up to work with livestock exclusively. They have holding pens for the animals to stay in before sale. When the auction begins, the animals are led through a ring one at a time to let potential buyers see them and bid on them. There is also usually a veterinarian present, and in states that do brand inspections, there needs to be a brand inspector. The livestock sales industry is fairly specialized, so most sale barns do not branch out into other products.

Horses, goats, pigs and cattle are commonly sold through sale barns. Some barns focus on a specific type of animal, such as cattle. The barns also often limit the type of animal allowed through any particular sale. For example, some auctions may be limited to calves. Other sales are more general and allow all species and types, although they usually group similar individuals together so that interested buyers only have to stay for that part of the sale. Sale barns that do sell things other than livestock typically sell items related to the livestock industry, such as feed or supplies.