What Do You Do If You Find Little White Worms in Your Dog's Feces?


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Finding worms in a dog's feces indicates that the animal needs to be evaluated by a veterinarian, who will identify the parasite and prescribe an appropriate course of medication to alleviate the infestation, according to Canine Journal. Failure to properly treat worms may cause repeat infestations and significant health problems.

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What Do You Do If You Find Little White Worms in Your Dog's Feces?
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Dogs are susceptible to many kinds of worms, including tapeworms, hookworms, heartworms, whipworms and roundworms, reports Canine Journal. Some forms of parasitic worms live in a dog's digestive tract, where they attach to the intestinal wall and rob the dog of dietary nutrients. Untreated worm infestations can lead to intestinal blockage or nutritional deficiencies.

Before visiting your vet, pick up a sample of the dog's feces to bring to the appointment, suggests WebMD. Doctors can determine whether worms are present and identify the type of worm by examining the specimen under a microscope.

Veterinarians treat canine worms through either shots or oral medication, says WebMD. Medications kill the worms, but the medications are safe for ingestion by your pet.

Vets recommend treating puppies for worms when they are two or three weeks old. Many puppies become infested with worms before birth, states WebMD. The mother's milk can also transmit worms to her offspring. Puppies require two courses of treatment to ensure that all worms and eggs are killed.

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