What Are Some Little-Known Facts About Bluebirds?

What Are Some Little-Known Facts About Bluebirds?

Some little known facts about the eastern bluebird is that it has eight subspecies. Both eastern and western bluebirds often have helpers to help raise their chicks. Mountain bluebirds are lighter blue than the eastern or Western, and lack their orange breast.

Western bluebirds are sexually mature when they're about a year old, but eastern bluebirds can reproduce the summer of their birth if they were born in the spring. Both male and female feed the chicks in both types of bluebirds, but in the western bluebird the male doesn't incubate the eggs. All three types will use human-made nesting boxes in open habitat.

Bluebirds eat a wide variety of foods. They are known for searching for insects from a perch and then dropping down on them when they are spotted. On the other hand, the mountain bluebird sometimes hovers before it dives for prey. Western bluebirds are partial to mistletoe berries during the winter, while mountain bluebirds prefer juniper berries.

The lifespan of an eastern bluebird in the wild can be up to 10 years, but so many chicks die that the average lifespan is less than this. The lifespan of the western bluebird in the wild is about six years.

The mountain bluebird is the state bird of Idaho and Nevada.