How Do You Find Little Dogs for Sale?


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Local animal shelters and pet stores are good places to find little dogs for sale or adoption. Other options include websites such as TheShelterPetProject.org and PetClassified.US.

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Animal shelters operated by local municipalities or rescue groups usually offer pets for a small adoption fee. These agencies take in up to 8 million animals each year, according to the Humane Society. Half of them aren’t adopted, and 25 percent of them are purebred.

The Humane Society website includes a list of puppy-friendly pet stores, which are businesses that don’t sell animals from puppy mills.

Founded in 2009, The Shelter Pet Project promotes pet adoption through shelters. Visitors to the organization’s website search enter their ZIP code, choose cat or dog, and get a list of available animals in their area. The list includes the animal’s photo, name, breed and gender. Another option is for visitors to enter their ZIP code and get a list of animal shelters in their area. AnimalShelter.org also offers a list of shelters for each state.

PetClassified.US lists dogs by breed and includes the number of each breed for sale. Clicking on a breed brings up a list of classified ads with details about each animal for sale and the sale price.

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