How Do You Litter Train a Rabbit?


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To litter train a rabbit, start by putting several litter boxes in the cage and in the rabbit's play area. When the rabbit urinates outside the boxes, move the box to that spot. As the rabbit learns, slowly remove the litter boxes until only one remains.

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  1. Prepare the litter boxes

    Several litter boxes are needed to litter train a rabbit. Prepare the litter boxes by filling them with alfalfa, paper, citrus or oats.

  2. Train the rabbit

    At first, the rabbit may not urinate in the litter boxes. If he urinates outside the box, move one of the litter boxes to the area where the rabbit urinated. If the rabbit is playing outside the cage and starts to urinate, try to stop him with a quick, short "no." Then, try to herd the rabbit toward one of the litter boxes to get it to use the box. Try your best not to scare the rabbit. If the rabbit uses a box successfully, give him a treat as a reward.

  3. Remove the extra boxes

    As the rabbit learns, the excess boxes are no longer necessary. Remove the extra boxes one at a time as the rabbit continues using the litter boxes. Once the rabbit is fully trained, only the one litter box is necessary.

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