How Do You Litter Train a Kitten?

How Do You Litter Train a Kitten?

How Do You Litter Train a Kitten?

To litter train a kitten, place its litter box in an appropriate area, fill it with an unscented, soft litter, and take the kitten to the box several times a day. Keep the box thoroughly clean, and never punish the kitten for accidents.

  1. Place the litter box in an appropriate spot

    Cats like privacy when they use the litter box. Place their box in a quiet place, away from their bed and eating area. Make sure that it isn't difficult for you, or the kitten, to access.

  2. Fill the litter box with soft, unscented litter

    Fill the box to a depth of at least 1 inch. As the kitten grows, increase the amount of litter in the box to a maximum of 3 inches for an adult cat. Soft, sandy, clumping litter is gentle on little paws, and is easy for a kitten to dig in. Use an unscented litter, as perfumes in scented varieties can be overwhelming.

  3. Place the kitten in the box at intervals throughout the day

    Place the kitten in the litter box throughout the day, especially first thing in the morning, after meals or playtime and after waking from a nap. Should an accident occur, never punish the kitten. Simply place her in the litter box and encourage her to dig.

  4. Keep the box scrupulously clean

    Solid waste and liquid clumps should be scooped and disposed of at least once a day. Add more fresh litter as needed, and clean the box entirely once a week.