How Do You Litter Train a Dog?


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To train a dog to use a litter box, set the dog inside of the litter box when he needs to go, and use your preferred positive reinforcement method to praise him when he goes. You need an appropriate sized litter box with a high-wall extension, dog litter and newspaper.

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  1. Choose a permanent location

    To avoid confusion and prevent accidents, place the litter box in an area that can remain permanent. Section the area off for privacy and to prevent the dog from leaving the litter area during training.

  2. Prepare the litter box

    Choose an appropriate sized litter box for your dog. Install a high-wall extension on the box to prevent over-spray. Place newspaper underneath and around the box for easy clean up. Pour the dog litter in the box.

  3. Lead the dog to the litter box

    When he needs to go, lead the dog to the litter box, or place him inside of it. Use a command, and wait for him to go. Use your preferred positive reinforcement method, such as a treat, whenever he uses the litter box.

  4. Use negative reinforcement when accidents occur

    If your dog fails to use the litter box, give him a stern disapproval as soon the accident occurs. Place the dog inside of the litter box immediately after.

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