How Do You Litter Train a Bunny?


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Litter training a bunny is as easy as placing a litter box where your rabbit usually goes to the bathroom. Rabbits are creatures of habit and typically go in the same place with or without a litter box.

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  1. Watch your rabbit over the course of a few days to see where it eliminates

    Whenever you see your rabbit urinating or passing pellets of feces, make note of where it goes. You will notice that it usually goes in the same general area of its cage, often in one of the corners.

  2. Place the litter box in your bunny's chosen area

    Make sure that the litter box is the appropriate size for your bunny's cage. You can use a kitty litter box or an aluminum tray, a glass or Pyrex pan, or a casserole dish with two-inch sides. The box should leave plenty of room for your rabbit to stretch out in its cage.

  3. Fill the box with bunny-friendly litter

    Your bunny will eat its litter, so ensure that the litter you use is not toxic to rabbits. Look out for organic litter made from wood shavings, or just use hay. Avoid all clumping litter because your bunny cannot digest it and will get sick.

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