How Do You Litter Box Train a Rabbit?


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The easiest way to litter box train a rabbit is by making the litter box inviting and keeping the rabbit in the same area as the litter box. To properly litter box train a rabbit, you need a medium-sized plastic tub, paper litter, hay, a hay box, and a baby gate or puppy pen.

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  1. Create a litter box

    Place a medium-sized plastic tub in a quiet area. For example, place it in an area with minimal traffic such as the bathroom. Use a tub with low sides so the rabbit can get in and out of it easily. Add a layer of paper litter to the bottom of the box. Add a layer of hay on top of the paper litter.

  2. Make the litter box inviting

    Place a hay box next to the litter box, and fill it with hay. Rabbits enjoy eating hay as they use the bathroom, and placing a box filled with hay next to the litter box encourages them to use it. Keep the hay filled in the hay box, and regularly change out the hay in the litter box so it is fresh.

  3. Train the rabbit

    Confine the rabbit to the area with the litter box. Use a baby gate or puppy pen to keep the rabbit in the same room as the litter box. Keep the rabbit in the same area as the litter box until the rabbit consistently uses the box. Gradually allow the rabbit to explore more areas of the house. If the rabbit stops using the litter box, confine it to the litter box area again.

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