What Is a List of Predatory Fish?

A short list of well-known predatory fish includes sharks, tuna, rays, salmon, and swordfish. There are numerous additional types of predatory fish, such as grouper, perch, gars, piranhas and bucktooth tetras. Other examples include leaf fish, archerfish, billfish, scorpionfish and angelfish.

A predatory fish is a fish that primarily feeds on smaller fish. Many types of predatory fish can be kept in aquariums, such as hujeta gars, bucktooth tetras, piranhas, glassfish, and needlefish. Many people find predatory fish interesting because they are often stealthy and quick-moving. These popular fish tank inhabitants need knowledgeable and careful maintenance, however. An individual who keeps predatory fish should ensure that they have appropriate tankmates to prevent fighting, source the right food to maintain fish health and provide a well-kept environment.

Predatory fish numbers have been drastically declining in the wild since the 1970s. Predatory fish help balance the ocean ecosystem, so their decline is a cause for concern. Since 2000, the United States has improved its predatory fish population by limiting catch sizes and rebuilding most of its fish stocks. The global lack of predatory fish is addressed by reducing overfishing of certain popular species of fish, preventing further damage to the environment, and maintaining existing breeding schools of predatory fish.