What Is the Lightest Bird in the World?

The bee hummingbird is the lightest bird on earth. At just 0.07 ounces in weight and 5 centimeters long, it’s also the smallest bird on earth and just one of the many hummingbird species.

Bee hummingbirds live mainly in Cuba and also lay the smallest eggs on earth. Like all hummingbirds, bee hummingbirds can fly both forwards and backwards, up and down, and even hover. Their tiny size and great flying skills enable them to expertly move through flowers, sipping nectar. In fact, bee hummingbirds have such incredible flying skills (some can visit up to 1500 flowers per day) that they don’t even need to walk; they only use their feet to perch. Such great flying skills are only possible because bee humming birds can flap their wings rapidly, up to 80 times a second.