What Is the Life Span of the Bull Shark?

Male bull sharks live an average of 12 years in the wild, and females live an average of 16 years. They reach up to 11.5 feet and weigh between 200 to 500 pounds. Bull sharks are capable of breeding in both freshwater and marine habitats. They are named for their short, blunt snouts and their tendency to headbutt prey.

Aggressive and often found in highly populated areas, bull sharks are considered the most dangerous shark species in the world, beating both great white sharks and tiger sharks. They are voracious carnivores, eating almost everything in their paths, including other sharks. Despite the frequency of bull shark attacks, humans aren't considered part of their diets. Most attacks occur out of curiosity or by accident. They are the only shark species that can enter freshwater areas and prefer to live in shallow coastal regions where the water is only 100 feet deep. However, they may be found at depths reaching up to 450 feet. Shark litters may consist of anywhere between 1 to 13 pups. Gestation lasts for 10 to 11 months. Maturation depends on region. Males from the southern Gulf of Mexico mature at around 10 years, while females mature around 9 years. Pups are born about 29 inches long, and females grow larger than males due to longer life spans.