Where Do Leopards Live in Africa?

leopards-live-africa Credit: Tim Ellis/CC-BY-2.0

Leopards mainly live in the sub-Saharan part of Africa. Other countries in which the animal is found include India, Pakistan and Indochina.

Leopards prefer rocky areas, grasslands and forests, though they have the ability to adapt to many other environments. The nocturnal animals tend to rest in thick bushes during the daylight hours and hunt more often at night. The leopards usually stay away from groups and tend to have a range that they call their own. They mark these areas with urine and claw marks, which alerts other leopards of their presence. They are intolerant of other leopards in their private areas unless it is a female looking to mate. If another male leopard approaches upon the territory, it can lead to fighting.

Leopards feed on a large range of prey and their swift movement and quick reflexes allows them to be successful when hunting. When hunting, a leopard often stays low to the ground and quietly closes in until they are close enough to pounce on the prey. When they are young, they often prey on small animals, fish and rodents. As they grow, however, they will hunt nearly anything they can find including reptiles, birds, mammals, and even monkeys. The main predator of leopards is man since the fur is highly sought after and very valuable in many parts of the world.