What Is a Leopard Ball Python?


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The leopard ball python is a specific strain, or morph, within the ball python family. This specific morph is characterized by the light blotch on its heads as well as black markings on both its top and belly.

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What Is a Leopard Ball Python?
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The ball python is a nonvenomous snake that originated in Africa. Because of its docile nature, it is one of the more common species in the pet trade. The snake's name refers to the way it curls into a ball and tucks its head when it feels threatened or becomes stressed. While the ball python can be caught in the wild, these specimens generally have a harder time adapting to captivity. Because of this, the majority of those sold and kept as pets are bred in captivity. Female ball pythons can lay up to 11 eggs at a time, and they hatch in approximately 2 months. Once hatched, it takes the babies between 1 and 3 years to reach maturity, depending on gender.

Raising pet ball pythons requires specific equipment. They should be kept in a glass aquarium with at least a 40-gallon capacity. Because of their cold-blooded nature, the snakes need a thermostat-controlled environment, and they should also be given ample hiding places.

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