How Do You Learn About Horse Breeding?


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The best way to learn about horse breeding is directly from experts in the field, including experienced breeders and reproductive veterinarians. Books, periodicals and classes can also help inexperienced people learn about horse breeding.

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How Do You Learn About Horse Breeding?
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Successful horse breeding involves many different factors. Working with a veterinarian who specializes in equine reproduction can help you learn about the physical aspects, such as the difference between live cover and artificial insemination. The veterinarian can also help you learn safety practices and other techniques for doing these things yourself. You also need to know how to care for a pregnant mare, how to recognize when she is about to foal and how to assist with the birth and care for the newborn.

Good breeders also need to know how to recognize high-quality horses. They need to understand heritable traits and how to choose which horses to pair for the best chances of producing a high-quality foal. The best way to learn this is years of firsthand experience with knowledgeable trainers and other professionals. State or regional horse breeder associations and breed clubs can help you connect with knowledgeable people in your chosen breed.

If you hope to get involved with horse breeding as a business venture, you also need to learn how to run it like one. College courses and other educational opportunities can help, as can reading books on small business management and accounting.

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