What Are Some Laws Regarding Owning Monkeys?


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Owning monkeys and other primates is outlawed in many states and highly regulated in others. States that ban the owning of primates include Alaska, California, Connecticut, Georgia and Hawaii, in addition to Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland and Massachusetts. Other states that ban owning primates are Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico and New York, as well as Utah.

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Some states currently have no regulations when it comes to owning primates or apes. Other states require a permit for anyone who wants to own a monkey. In Missouri, all exotic animals must be registered with the county.

The state of Florida has a set of comprehensive laws that create different classes of animals. Great apes and baboons are banned as personal pets, while permits are required for Class II and Class III animals. Class III animals require a husbandry form, a permit application, a contingency plan form, and structural caging requirements, and the owner must be at least 16. Class II permits are only given to applicants at least 18 years old and who have at least 1,000 hours of specifically documented experience. If the experience of these applicants is not documented, the applicant can take a two-part written exam that qualifies him to own the species in question.

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