What Are Some Laws About Keeping Horses?


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One example of a law that pertains to keeping horses is that when one person boards and cares for another person's horse, the person who is boarding the horse has legal possession over it until the boarding bill is paid. However, horse boarding laws vary by state, according to The University of Vermont.

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Another part of the law regarding horse boarding is that the stable owner has the right to sell the horse in order to collect the money that is owed for a persisting delinquent account. However, each state has a different procedure for how the selling of the horse is supposed to take place, says The University of Vermont.

Additionally, there are three important liens that apply to horse transactions in most states. The first one claims that veterinarians have a legal lien on a horse in treatment in order to secure the payment of the treatment bill, reports The University of Vermont. The next one states that owners of breeding stallions have a lien on the offspring and sometimes the mare in order to secure payment for the breeding services. Lastly, farriers also have a special lean on shod horses that is used to secure payment for the shoeing services.

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