What Is the Largest Snake Ever Documented?


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The largest snake ever documented is Titanoboa cerrejonensis. The snake, which lived around 60 million years ago, was 42 feet long and 3 feet thick.

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What Is the Largest Snake Ever Documented?
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Scientists discovered the vertebrae of Titanoboa cerrejonensis in northern Columbia in 2009. Scientists believe the snake was the largest vertebrate on land at the time of its existence, with a total weight of over a ton. Scientists measured the bones of its spinal column at 5 inches thick. The Titanoboa?s thickest section was about the height of a human?s waist.

Though Titanoboa's appearance likely resembled a present-day boa constrictor, its behavior was more similar to a water-dwelling anaconda. Scientists believe the swamp denizen killed its prey by squeezing it to death.

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