What Is the Largest Carnivore in the World?

The largest carnivore to ever walk the earth was Spinosaurus, the largest of the dinosaurs, while the largest living carnivore is the male Southern elephant seal. Although fossil records are not sufficiently complete to determine a precise size, experts estimate that the Spinosaurus grew to 59 feet long and weighed as much as 9.9 tons. The largest bull Southern elephant seal was 22.5 feet long and weighed 11,000 pounds.

Southern elephant seals exhibit extreme sexual dimorphism, which means that the bulls are significantly larger than their mates. While females rarely exceed nine feet in length, bulls frequently grow to more than 15 feet in length.

The Southern elephant seal feeds on a diet of fish and squid, often diving for up to 20 minutes at a time in search of prey.

Other enormous land carnivores include the Polar and Kodiak bears. The African Bush elephant has earned the title of heaviest land creature, but it is an herbivore, and the giraffe, also an herbivore, is the tallest terrestrial animal.

The largest ocean-dwelling carnivore is the sperm whale, which can grow to lengths of up to 80,000 feet. Experts estimate that sperm whales consume as much as 1 ton of food per day in order to maintain their metabolism.